The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) is the umbrella organization of the Palestinian Resistance. PLO was founded 1964 with Egyptian backing, under Ahmed Shukairi as chairman. It became well-known through chairman Yasser Arafat. The PLO theoretically represents Palestinians all over the world, administered by an 18-person executive committee, elected by a 124-member Central Council, which in turn is elected by the 400-member “parliament in exile”, Palestine National Council (PNC). The PNC is the highest decision-making body of the PLO.

The Palestine National Authority (PNA), established after the Palestinian-Israeli Oslo agreement, is the authority administering the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinian president is the head of both the PLO and PA; thus, erasing clear structural, political, and organizational division between both.

The PLO is the umbrella organization of most groups except the political-Islamists: Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The largest and most known groups are Fateh, PFLP, DFLP and People’s Party.

In 1993, the PLO and Israel mutually recognized each other. The PLO is the signatory of agreements with Israel.