Made In Palestine
Hebron Glass

Blown glass is the hand-crafted, mouth-blown glass named in Arabic Zujaj Nafakh, mostly manufactured in Hebron. Glass blowing as an industry is said to have been brought to Palestine in fifteenth century by the Venetians, who came to Palestine to buy cotton.

To get these beautiful shapes, glass is melted in a furnace running at 1400 degrees centigrade. A craftsman thrusts a thin, long, metal blowpipe (80-100 cm) into the boiling glass inside the furnace. With a twist of the pipe, he takes out semi-liquid glass called “Gather”. He puffs and rolls the red hot glass until it begins to expand and the form of object appears. The shaping process continues with a metal instrument (kammasha), until the object is complete. The glass is put aside into a small chamber to cool down. 

Hebron is well known for its blue and turquoise colored glass. Copper and cobalt are added to the glass to make these colors.

Where to get it?

There are two main factories located at the northern entrance of Hebron on the way towards the village of Halhul.

The Hebron Glass and Ceramics Factory

Al-Salam Glass and Pottery

In addition, in the old city’s Al-Kazazin quarter, there were 14 glass factories. Due to attacks by Israeli settlers and occupation, there are only two of the factories left.