Fundraising Dinner and Auction

An artist is an expression of his own time"

Born and raised in Jerusalem September 24th 1962. 
Nasser Zalloum Artist Group invites you to the Auction and fundraising dinner on 5th Nov at 19:00 in Ramallah Grand Park Hotel. The dinner tickets will go for the benefit of Education in Palestine . And part of the auction will benefit women with cancer medication with Yes for Life organisation. 

His first encounter with art was at the age of 9 when he started playing an arabic music instrument called "OUD". 
His hands and fingers had a life of their own...Anything in his heart would simply flow out through them and get expressed in art form. They played Drums and Piano...They shaped and carved ceramics...They created Digital Portraits and made them face Canvas as if they were oil paintings. His hands proved to him they have NO LIMITS and HE ALWAYS BELIEVED THEM.

Location: Grand Park Hotel